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Morgan Spurlock OUTTED as RAPIST who paid off victims.    12/15/17  (14)
lol kept texting wife, no answer. Asked her if she needed money. Immediate answe    12/15/17  (2)
People often say I'm a fucking faggot    12/15/17  (2)
Cheapest individual health plan in NY is $415 per month    12/15/17  (22)
Reminder: the Galactic Empire are the good guys fighting crazy religious zealots    12/15/17  (3)
Trump: what the hell is going on in Chicago? Shooting/3hrs. Tribune: False!!!    12/15/17  (1)
one great thing about being a sub-6'2" "male" is you can say whatever you want    12/15/17  (4)
good chance amazon locates second HQ in Toronto    12/15/17  (1)
1997: family trip to Disneyland. 2017: family gender reassignment    12/15/17  (4)
Trump's EPA acting like the old government cucks    12/15/17  (1)
PSA: Republican Business bros like Trump give Latinos jobs    12/15/17  (5)
Rudolph here for like 30 minutes answering ?s truthfully.    12/15/17  (48)
"Hey what're you doing tonight? Been a while haha"    12/15/17  (1)
"I'm game to meet up again, if it works for you. If youre busy tho, no worries"    12/15/17  (5)
Buddhist exercise: Build up your posting rep, then change sudo, go pumo for a    12/15/17  (2)
Only current or former US state governors should be able to run for POTUS    12/15/17  (2)
I have two dads--libs are IR8!!!!!!!11    12/15/17  (1)
Uber shitlib MATT DAMON goes full on MISOGYNISTIC RAPE APOLOGIST in interview    12/15/17  (10)
getting really good at predicting OP of threads based on title    12/15/17  (7)
ITT: I make up hypothetical cryptocurrencies. ACP tells me if he'd invest.    12/15/17  (38)
Any adderall bros get chest pains?    12/15/17  (28)
Trump district ct nominee doesn't know what a motion in limine is- video    12/15/17  (55)
Call Me By Your Name is a masterpiece    12/15/17  (4)
so many utter retards trying to do what I started back in 2014    12/15/17  (1)
WOW STAR WARS SUCKED    12/15/17  (33)
do any straight males have a "Plus" size iphone?    12/15/17  (48)
*Peterman as prom queen steps on stage**vat of cum falls splashes all over him*    12/15/17  (3)
Damn, this is a great song. (link)    12/15/17  (2)
Corpmo nominated for DDC judgeship, hilarity ensues    12/15/17  (24)
Bitcoin has dropped 314% in the last 365 days. Christ on a crack    12/15/17  (67)
Julia belly dancing to the circadian rhythm of the doumbek    12/15/17  (2)
Rate this article my female boss sent around to our team    12/15/17  (2)
Reminder: libs praising movie abt 17 yo in gay fling with older man    12/15/17  (3)
doobs.exe is requesting your location. allow?    12/15/17  (28)
ARE REPTILE, didn't you claim Business Insider was Russian-owned propaganda?    12/15/17  (1)
Shrew on Cracker Barrel: "White trash." Shrew on same food @ black restaurant:    12/15/17  (6)
A Selected History of the Family Rudolph    12/15/17  (430)
Rejected working titles for the Holocaust, II    12/15/17  (17)
*pumps* *sells and laughs* *curious new money buys, price never drops*    12/15/17  (3)
John Buccigross, Matthew Berry named in harassment complaints against ESPN    12/15/17  (7)
He argued the motion with a chemo needle in his arm - and he wasn't even sick!    12/15/17  (1)
City Council Member TedCruz tp    12/15/17  (1)
This is how much taxes I pay per week TEDCRUZtp    12/15/17  (6)
Tight Teens Tumblr    12/15/17  (48)
just think of all the nasty impure biological matter in your brain & organs    12/15/17  (38)
give me crypto instead of chandler    12/15/17  (33)
Watching The Verdict. Such a 180 movie.    12/15/17  (8)
Former makeup artist claims HGTVs Carter Oosterhouse coerced her into oral sex    12/15/17  (2)
Jobs being hard to come by makes no sense    12/15/17  (1)
jew.exe is consuming more system resources than required    12/15/17  (150)
Is it ok to date a chick REALLY into theatre, and participates in musicals?    12/15/17  (4)
So 29tp went to buy a pack of cigarettes, right?    12/15/17  (1)
Oh, Malk! You just regurar Joe, take ah dis baby toiret to runch at Bubba's!    12/15/17  (3)
The Russian lawyer, Natalia Veselnitskaya, who met with Trump, Jr.    12/15/17  (5)
My cock is in your ass and that's a problem    12/15/17  (2)
yes self and identity are fraud. So MAKE a character u PLAY while out + about?    12/15/17  (2)
Could you point me to the scholarship section of this lawtweet?    12/15/17  (2)
CIA leaves Russia info out of Trumps daily brief because it upsets him (LINK)    12/15/17  (7)
PR BOARD 02: A 40 MCAT will do XOXO 2017: crypto for life, nah wut i mean?    12/15/17  (1)
Video: Trump judicial nominee unable to answer basic legal q's    12/15/17  (89)
PSA: goal of libs is 0.0001% controlling 100% of wealth, sea of impoverished mud    12/15/17  (2)
Judiciary committee to Trump nominee: "Have you ever blogged on autoadmit.com?"    12/15/17  (2)
website idea: porghub    12/15/17  (1)
2B in "synergies" = 20th Century Fox inhouse lawyer bloodbath    12/15/17  (4)
can you get student discounts w lifetime edu email    12/15/17  (4)
Make 750k as neurosurgeon: wageslave! FIRE with 12k Dividend stream: FREEDOM (XO    12/15/17  (1)
*President Trump reporting to his KGB handler after inauguration*    12/15/17  (10)
Rate this throwback WGWAG NYT wedding announcement    12/15/17  (5)
odd lack of porg threading on xo    12/15/17  (1)
go to pornhub and search for "copy machine"    12/15/17  (2)
LOL they are trying to send me to a 3 month rehab    12/15/17  (21)
Erstwhile tonite in Fargo: shsu vs ndsu    12/15/17  (5)
Sometimes I find myself thinking "fuck did I say that out loud"    12/15/17  (1)
is entire point of life winning SES game for children?    12/15/17  (1)
i no longer feel safe on xo    12/15/17  (3)
So XO prematurely shits on Star Wars, but its actually pretty good?    12/15/17  (13)
Hey Earl, it turns out Reys parents are just randos.    12/15/17  (1)
Tezos: 100% bad news yet has increased 11x since ICO despite not existing    12/15/17  (7)
All the good men are either gay or taken. evan39: I know hehe    12/15/17  (1)
2013 post where Rudolph calls BTC a joke and says put all $ into 3D printing sto    12/15/17  (5)
Why do people treat each other so poorly in office environments?    12/15/17  (3)
marvel cinematic universe expands to include espn, deadpool to host sportscenter    12/15/17  (2)
Anyone else reflexively think of Carbozo-inspired named for libs now?    12/15/17  (3)
Jobi Coin: fully decentralized network instantiating a homicidal retard gardener    12/15/17  (1)
Has a single practicing doctor ever poasted here?    12/15/17  (56)
Why did Abbot Sextus leave    12/15/17  (7)
When I do hospital visits to sign up blacks, they look so damn happy    12/15/17  (9)
lol had beers with a PI guy all day on saturday who described one of you fucks t    12/15/17  (7)
In the name of the Father, the Son and LTC    12/15/17  (13)
When the apocalypse hits take cover in your local outdoor sporting goods store    12/15/17  (1)
So i have this special skill. I make drawings, runes, I call them, & people die    12/15/17  (3)
Impossible not to make money off LTC even if you tried    12/15/17  (12)
How stupid must you be to not only not sell ETH but not go in on LTC    12/15/17  (8)
some more thoughts on black clients    12/15/17  (21)
Bizarre that you're not buying LTC now, no?    12/15/17  (11)
rsf hitting up the club in head to toe bauer gear    12/15/17  (1)
If you don't have AT LEAST 100 LTC, you're very fucked in life    12/15/17  (6)
Kamala Harris UNGHHHHHHHH    12/15/17  (30)
If you're not pouring every penny into LTC at this point I don't know what to sa    12/15/17  (7)
so basically Disney owns everything now?    12/15/17  (1)
fuck this patriarchal bullshit    12/15/17  (8)
The Hill: Lisa Bloom sought compensation to pay women to accuse Trump of assault    12/15/17  (31)
Boner Police: "eat cheese" *20 lawyers across the globe eat cheese for every mea    12/15/17  (10)
The Joe Budden Podcast is probably the best podcast out right now    12/15/17  (13)
finding adderall floating around in your purse/bag = 180    12/15/17  (3)
Peterman haunts my dreams    12/15/17  (5)
My dopamine receptors look like Dresden 1945    12/15/17  (12)
Dont ask, dont look, just buy SIAcoin right this second    12/15/17  (10)
The bill is finally coming due for RSF    12/15/17  (25)
just become a neurologist and do consulting on side for pharma    12/15/17  (1)
PSA: check out allsides.com for balanced viewpoints on news    12/15/17  (1)
Black callers with the smoke alarm chirping every minute    12/15/17  (10)
Seeing lib Star Wars today, how awful will it be?    12/15/17  (9)
Associates in Rhodesian biglaw cut their Jos.A.Bank pants off at upper thigh    12/15/17  (5)
Caught 8 fish out of my city's river today. Felt like Leonardo Davinci w doves.    12/15/17  (5)
70 percent of the Rhodesian Selous Scouts were American ex-lawyers from the V50    12/15/17  (1)
Married life: Screaming that the next person who slams the front door is gonna g    12/15/17  (8)
RSF, using 2,996 hashtags, meticulously tagging his sponsors on Instagram photos    12/15/17  (4)
Suddenly "seeming" older than your age at early 30s even though NW1    12/15/17  (2)
*bumping your own threads like spaceporn on crack*    12/15/17  (4)
morbidly fat mexican family wont take screaming baby out of buffet    12/15/17  (15)
Odd case that XO political lunatics posture from a point of mental normality    12/15/17  (24)
"I fell in a store in2001.People say it's too late but I'm just so mad about it"    12/15/17  (7)
HEROIC Philly Libs banning racist life saving bullet-proof glass bc feelings    12/15/17  (38)
i cant just sit in a parking lot and eat an egg sandwich w/out some black    12/15/17  (8)
thinking of hiring a naked maid service. how detail oriented are the maids?    12/15/17  (13)
Taking off work and day drinking with an old buddy next Friday    12/15/17  (1)
You guys need a ref to blow a date whistle, like Frank in Always Sunny    12/15/17  (2)
2020. Dwayne "the Rock" Johnson runs as primary challenger for GOP POTUS nominee    12/15/17  (12)
is it racist to go into chinese antiques store and ask if they sell gremlins?    12/15/17  (9)
If we domesticated blacks would they get floppy ears?    12/15/17  (19)
if im so dumb how come my college gf was valedictorian, huh?    12/15/17  (7)
American slaves in 1809 were sold for around $40,000 (in inflation adjusted $)    12/15/17  (5)
Latinos are the GOPs only hope    12/15/17  (47)
Kenny and I work together at a PI firm in Westminster    12/15/17  (3)
Rate this picture of Sarah Huckabee Sanders.    12/15/17  (2)
Poa on prestigious law bort doesn't know what a combination indemnity is - video    12/15/17  (2)
rate this picture of rachel weisz    12/15/17  (3)
Can we charge Liberia a "rehoming" fee?    12/15/17  (2)
Peterman has a million bucks and was sitting on his ass    12/15/17  (1)
Saw Star Wars last night, taking questions for 10 minutes, will provide spoilers    12/15/17  (12)
Tsinah or rachmiel make a blockchain already    12/15/17  (4)
xo Ted Cruz has a message for libs re: Net Neutrality (link)    12/15/17  (6)
Herpes seems worse than AIDS    12/15/17  (7)
Saw a skinny millennial twink driving a Range Rover with "FLEX" on hood    12/15/17  (10)
Just got breakfasted! any other poasters maek it this year?    12/15/17  (35)
Has a single prancing faggot ever poasted here?    12/15/17  (1)

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