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I lost 85 pounds after CharlesXII fatshamed me in person. taking Q's    09/26/18  (25)
Kavanaugh DUN HERE: FOUR (4) Witnesses now corroborate her story    09/26/18  (13)
so Bolton had a boner during Trumps UN speech, right?    09/26/18  (7)
Posters are making a fatal mistake here by encouraging nyuug    09/26/18  (7)
I think I am too low-IQ to understand anime    09/26/18  (5)
Do WASPs, Upscale Italians or Reform/Conservative Jews have nicest neighborhoods    09/26/18  (4)
Daily video reminder that whites are the superior race    09/26/18  (4)
"No, mom, 'mystery ape lover' is not her 'Christian' name."    09/26/18  (4)
Just went to WaPo for first time in a while. Haha wow, holy shit    09/26/18  (3)
How many people in your law school section OD'ed on scholarship?    09/26/18  (3)
Anyone who kept a calendar of alcohol parties attended in high school    09/26/18  (3)
Daily Stoic, 9/26/18    09/26/18  (3)
"At its peak AutoAdmit had thousands of regular poasters"    09/26/18  (3)
cutting edge of shrewdom is cooking class at an immigrant grandmother's house    09/26/18  (3)
my main subreddits: asianbeauty, 1200isplenty, cosplayers, manga, the_donald    09/26/18  (3)
Literally everybody get ITT and rate this song as very xo or peak xo (link)    09/26/18  (3)
this is this    09/26/18  (3)
alzabo surely were not the only ones (((aware))) of these so called (((planets)    09/26/18  (3)
Anybody else hit their hours and desperately laying low for the next 2 months?    09/26/18  (2)
Really a shame "Teflon Don" was already taken    09/26/18  (2)
the big butt office shrew and the creepy lustful melvin    09/26/18  (2)
Roger Stone tried to buy off witness    09/26/18  (2)
I am a Judeo-Christian    09/26/18  (2)
Kasowitz in meltdown- nobody responding to cease & desists re laughing (link)    09/26/18  (2)
Remember when Hillary and De Blasio joked about "CP Time"?    09/26/18  (2)
are we seriously just gonna sit here and not discuss the compact btwn jews Satan    09/26/18  (2)
jews are so fucking smug, its such a turn off    09/26/18  (2)
I get it, the song "The Rose" is about a Shitlib becoming Redpilled.    09/26/18  (1)
What type of games is being played, how's it going down? It's on till it's gone    09/26/18  (1)
r/120IQisplenty    09/26/18  (1)
"here comes the scholarship!" (colt feeding antidepressants to his infant son)    09/26/18  (1)
Hey, no hard feelings haha but do you want me to mail you your ring?    09/26/18  (1)
Kamala: "credible accounts" portray Kavanaugh as crack addicted pimp in HS, coll    09/26/18  (1)
Obeezys Wednesday: Another day of being a soyboy invisible to women    09/26/18  (1)
Ordering black car Uber necessary now?    09/26/18  (1)
XO poster trading crypto from mom's house    09/26/18  (1)
Endocrinologist says keep scholarly treats to less than 20g/day    09/26/18  (1)
Blasey-Ford whistling to "king of the road" as she passes Amarillo on way to DC    09/26/18  (1)
Fox News edits out laughter between Trump remarks at UN    09/26/18  (1)
Morning, libs! Excited about another day of betraying your nation?    09/26/18  (1)
lol @ white nationalist dorks "but my mayflower relatives!"    09/26/18  (1)
everyone on twitter has a 24/7 schtick they never drop    09/26/18  (1)
Popular law firm Halloween party costume: Lil Xan    09/26/18  (1)
why don't art appraisers just appraise some friend's shitty drawing for $100M    09/26/18  (1)
I have a 100% pure Bavarian phenotype but only score w asian women.    09/26/18  (1)
This is gay as fuck. I can't acess DAZN in Australia.    09/26/18  (1)
rap ppl rate this rap verse    09/26/18  (1)
1. pursue sex. 2. have sex. 3. return to incel-spamming    09/26/18  (1)
i don't even think a "jew" is a real thing tbh    09/26/18  (1)