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Popular terms used in law firm emails    09/20/18  (86)
Did Kavanaugh do the rape or is this a false allegation???    09/20/18  (67)
Trump's boat joke from the other day was extremely 180    09/20/18  (43)
Can someone expain what McConnell actually did re Garland?    09/20/18  (42)
Applying Hitler's quote to Lawman8    09/20/18  (37)
Feminazi: I don't care if innocent man loses job over false allegations    09/20/18  (35)
Even if Kavanaugh allegations were true, I wouldn't reject nominee over them    09/20/18  (35)
LIBS: Explain WHY exactly you're so MAF    09/20/18  (32)
Amy Chua: I sexually harassed students so Kavanaugh is bad.    09/20/18  (30)
do you respect "smart" people who aren't good at math?    09/20/18  (29)
Fat 35yo dork with 15yo dotter marries 19yo girl    09/20/18  (27)
When does silent majority of fugly girls come for the heads of elite hot girls?    09/20/18  (26)
FBI Had "Two Sets Of Records" On Trump Investigation; Comey, McCabe Implicated    09/20/18  (22)
Poasters in 2218 reciting the Sup Brady letter like Hail Mary    09/20/18  (22)
ITT describe your common TREADMILL workout    09/20/18  (21)
Meg Markle Begins Her Work On Kensington Palace & Its Traditions    09/20/18  (20)
'facial abuse' porn is an incredible cultural development    09/20/18  (19)
spaceporn bro how's the depo grind    09/20/18  (19)
just made a jobless feminist 2L freak out    09/20/18  (17)
Richard Rorty and the End of Metaphysics    09/20/18  (16)
Pedo's decapitated corpse left on judge's doorstep after he granted bail    09/20/18  (16)
Absurdly gay human resources fag at work (evan39)    09/20/18  (16)
Rate the Raider's first ever female coach, 26 yo old    09/20/18  (16)
it wasn't 'rape', for christ's sake. it was drunken horseplay, tomfoolery    09/20/18  (16)
alcoholism id 180 in so many ways    09/20/18  (15)
Politico: Irv Gornstein Says Roberts Court 5-4 Decisions Illegitimate w Kav    09/20/18  (15)
The Trump tariffs might kill this startup (guess race, what startup does    09/20/18  (15)
When women are too ugly to get male attention for sex they cry rape    09/20/18  (14)
Are "Men" Not Humiliated Having Another Man (Trainer) Turn On Treadmill For Them    09/20/18  (13)
Great historical figures that opposed the Jews: Jesus, Mohammed, Hitler    09/20/18  (13)
Trump suggests building enormous wall across entire continent of Africa (not fla    09/20/18  (13)
UNGHHH just booked the LAST piece of NYE '18-'19 TRIP    09/20/18  (12)
Odds that the Kavanaugh accusers story was actually her masturbation fantasy?    09/20/18  (12)
Marine Le Pen ordered to undergo psychiatric test after tweeting ISIS pics (link    09/20/18  (9)
Trump: GWB's war in the Middle East biggest mistake in US history (link)    09/20/18  (9)
lawman8 do u really wish death upon someone bc they lied to you    09/20/18  (9)
What the fuck was in my eggs? Pic    09/20/18  (9)
I called Obama as president in 2006, I'm calling Beto 2020 right now    09/20/18  (9)
BLUE WAVE will be even bigger due to the Kavanaugh accusation    09/20/18  (8)
Snapped pic of TMF's house riding NJ transit today.    09/20/18  (8)
which MFH biglaw firm has the HOTTEST lawyers?    09/20/18  (8)
"It's mildly obese, not fucking morbidly obese... Get over it." (pic) (DTP)    09/20/18  (8)
damn i get spaceporn or rsf to fight me    09/20/18  (8)
Prole-tell: Mattress laid directly onto the floor.    09/20/18  (8)
Say what you will, at least Kavanaugh found a way out of the Dancing Monkey Fram    09/20/18  (8)
rofl @ my lib friends in biglaw: morally bankrupt sellouts    09/20/18  (8)
Senate to Ford: No worries, maybe next week? Haha    09/20/18  (8)
I love Dayton, Ohio    09/20/18  (8)
list boomer catnip ITT    09/20/18  (7)
The Hill dogwhistles John Roberts/SCOTUS: "Better not take on any 'controversial    09/20/18  (7)